What is HostedHooks

HostedHooks is a fast and easy way to build out a Webhooks service for your application.


HostedHooks is a webhooks as a service solution for software applications. We aim to handle all of the complexity that comes with building a reliable webhook sending solution and let your team focus on building and growing the service that is triggering those webhooks.

Who Is HostedHooks For?

HostedHooks was created to help software platforms / teams add event-driven architectures via Webhooks to their applications in a matter of days. Whether or not your team has the ability and experience to build out scalable Webhooks, they are not a small feat and often not a core focus for the business. We help these companies add a very popular piece of functionality without all the cost and in a fraction of the time.

How HostedHooks Works

HostedHooks is centered around two main types of users:

Providers are the web application that want to send webhooks out for specific events that are triggered within their application. (More on how we can help providers here)

Subscribers are the applications or users that want to receive the webhooks from an application based on certain events.

Integrating with HostedHooks is primarily for web applications that want to be webhook Providers. They have an application that has regularly occurring events and want to notify their users (subscribers) of these events. The ideal way to do this is via Webhooks.

There is a significant amount of work that goes into building out a custom Webhooks solution that is reliable, scalable and a good experience for your webhook subscribers. HostedHooks handles that all for you. We have created a platform that makes adding Webhooks to your application as easy as a few API calls.


Our documentation is quite extensive, but won't cover everything. If you run into any issues, please reach out to us at support@hostedhooks.com.

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