What are Providers?

Providers are anyone that want to send webhooks from their web application out to subscribers. The webhooks are triggered by events (user created or order shipped) occurring on their platform. Providers can have as many HostedHooks apps as they like, with each app having many subscriber applications. These subscribers will have their respective endpoints which HostedHooks will use to deliver the webhook messages.

Am I Provider?

If your application has users that want to be notified when certain events occur then yes, you are provider. You would notify those users via webhooks.

Provider Features

HostedHooks was built to provide robust and production ready webhooks out of the box. To accomplish this we provide every feature required to start sending webhooks today.


We've built a very simple to use RESTful JSON API to integrate HostedHooks into your application. With under 20 lines of code you can start sending webhook messages to your subscribers.

We've also generated code samples in all of the popular languages and frameworks to help get you started.

Provider Portal

One of the huge benefits of going with a platform like HostedHooks is the user experience that we've built around managing Webhooks. If you were to build this yourself, all of the admin functionality ( logging, managing endpoints, viewing subscribers, inviting users, etc ) would need to be custom built. With HostedHooks, we've built all of that for you.

Providers get a login and a dashboard where they can manage their applications, the webhook events they are triggering, all of their subscribers, view logs (success and failures) and much more. We know what it takes to manage webhooks and have give that you in an easy to use dashboard.

Smart Retries & Endpoint Monitoring

In the event that a susbcriber's endpoint is responding with a non 200 response, we will use our retry logic to make additional requests with an exponential backoff delay. This will eventually cap at a 5 attempts. Once this cap is met we will turn off the endpoint and we will notify both you the provider and the subscriber. Once the subscriber fixes the issue, they will be able to turn back on their endpoint and replay the missed webhook events, ensuring they don't miss any data.


All webhook attempts are logged for providers to search and filter by error/success statuses and subscribers.

Webhook Signatures

All webhooks are sent with a HTTP_HOSTEDHOOKS_SIGNATURE in the header that can be used to validate the payload and timestamp of the sent webhook. More info below.

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