Managing Replays

As a provider of webhook services, it's normal to encounter instances where your subscribers' endpoints become unresponsive occasionally. During these instances, your webhooks will persistently attempt to reestablish the connection until the retry failure count. At this point, HostedHooks will notify you and your subscribers (optional) via email about the failed webhook attempt. All records of failed webhook attempts are kept for your respective plan's log duration.

Ensuring that you have the capability to replay the events is crucial, and there are two methods to achieve this.

Manual replay

On the subscription and endpoint pages you can manually replay individual failed webhook attempts by clicking the replay button under the payload.

Bulk Replay

On the endpoint page under the webhook attempts list you will see a "Replay Failed Attempts" button which will take you to a view where you can replay multiple webhook attempts at once.

Here you will receive a list of all failed webhook attempts for your endpoint. Use the date range to show all attempts since a certain point. Select the webhook attempts that you want to replay and click the replay button on the bottom.

Replaying webhook attempts is asynchronous, so you will not see these update in real-time. Once you hit replay, give them a few minutes and check to see if they were successful.

Duplicate Replays

On this view you may notice a green check mark next to the event id of your webhook attempt.

If this green check mark is present on a failed webhook attempt, it means that another webhook attempt (with the same event id) was already delivered successfully to your subscriber's endpoint. This gives you the option to send them again or ignore.

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